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We Buy at a High Price 

DrawerBOX values your clothes highly.
Apparel knowledgeable staff will give a valuation and explain convincingly.

· We will deliver your items to the customers who will love them again.
· Because our business is mainly online, we promise the prices are better than
other shops.

We are aiming for the best secondhand Drawer buyer in Japan!
Of course, the valuation fee is free! In addition, shipping and transfer fee are free!

Latest Examples 

Purchase History 

Had bad experiences when selling your clothes?

· I was said that my clothes were worthless and I was offered a very low price.

· They refused to pay anything for my clothes and they didn’t explain why.

· It was only about 100 yen even though I brought 10 or 20 clothes.

Feeling frustrated with selling clothes?

・When I asked them to dispose of my clothes that they said were worthless, were actually sold at the store。

・My items were valuated by non-knowledgeable part-time staff.

But DrawerBOX is different!

About DrawerBOX

'Drawer' is loved by women who seek 'high quality'.
We buy & sell Drawer's regular items to promotional freebie items.

We believe that our mission is to deliver the value of the brand to the new owners.

The three strengths of Drawer BOX 

Strength 01

Reliable valuation by buyers who love 'Drawer'

Apparel Knowledge-rich buyers valuate each item carefully.
Because we are Drawer fans, we do not miss the value of your Drawer items.

Strength 02

To those who cherish your important "Drawer" next

We will deliver your items to the customers who will love them again. We wish to deliver our favorite Drawer items to many people.

Strength 03

Convincing valuation price

Because our business is mainly online, we promise the prices are better than other shops.
Of course, the valuation fee is free! In addition, shipping and transfer fee are free.

Free&Easy! How it Works 



Please apply home delivery kit from home delivery valuation application form.
Shipping fee of home delivery kit is free.


Pack & Dispatch

Please include your pplication form, ID and items you want to sell and ship on arrival designation in the morning.
DrawerBOX Valuation team
323-1-101 Hachigasaki-Midori-cho, Matsudo-shi, Chiba


Wait while we valuate

Specialist staff will do the valuation one by one.
We will carefully valuate each item you sent.


Get a Valuation

We will inform you the prices within 3 working days after the arrival of your items.

Please select either full selling, partial return or full return, and contact us.

If you are not happy with the price, we will not charge you anything.


Receive cash

After your agreement, we will transfer to your designated account within 3 business days. The transfer fee is on us.

Featured Brands 


2018AW Featured Brands

Get an extra 20% !

Always get an extra 20% on Drawer items.

Featured Items 



We welcome any season's items!

Items we cannot buy 

We buy brands that are not listed above, but please ensure that we might not be able to buy items like below.


Can I sell just one item?
Yes, we accept any number of items.
How much does the handling fee cost?
There are no handling or shipping fees.
When will I get a valuation?
We will inform you a valuation within 3 business days after arrival of the items.
If you do not hear from us within 3 business days, please contact our store.
(DrawerBOX phone: 047-702-3002 Open 10: 00-17: 00 Mon.-Fri.)
How will I receive a valuation?
We will contact you by e-mail, telephone or fax.
Please fill out the desired method of communication on the application form.
Can you return my items if I'm not happy with the valuation?
Yes, we can. Please do not worry because we won't charge any cancellation fee or return fee.
Why is it necessary to present my identification card?
According to Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, it is necessary to present a photocopy of the identification card (driving license, insurance card, passport etc.) to sell things.
Can I sell non-Drawer clothes?
Yes, you can!
However, we may not be able to buy non- branded or fast fashion branded clothes.
We cannot buy【clothes that can not be worn】 such as those with holes, tears and dirt.
How do you decide the prices?
We decide the price from brand, design, product state, sales time, second-hand market price, sales performance etc.

Free Assessment 


About Matsudo Store

DrawerBOX is a shop with vintage clothes for women enjoying fine quality fashion. From staple items to trendy items, there are many good quality items in the store.


Our philosophy "Connecting thoughts"

We want to connect the feelings for brand, manufacturer's clothing making
And, I want to connect the feelings of the customer who wore it next
From mother to daughter, good things are handed down generously
We will help you connect the good ones to the next one.


Our staff love Drawer♪

We sell our products that we looked after to make our customers to enjoy the quality and fashion. We would be happy if we can help you to enjoy Drawer items♪

Staff Blog 


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